Health intelligence for an uncertain future.


Safely grow and reopen your business after the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions.


Safely reopen your doors to employees and customers.


Go to public events knowing you are safe.

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What is CORO AI Passport?

CORO AI Passport is a mobile and web diagnostic screening tool that helps you stay safe and informed about your health.

How does CORO AI Passport work?

Based on an individual’s answers to a comprehensive questionnaire, CORO AI Passport determines the individual’s risk for COVID-19 and advises the individual on the next steps they should take to ensure their safety and the safety of others. Businesses can use the CORO AI Passport application to screen their employees and consumers as state restrictions on business operations are lifted following the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and make more informed decisions when forming workplace policies.


Why CORO AI Passport?

Flatten the curve
Be proactive and monitor the health of your customers and employees using our accurate, data-driven questionnaire

Easy to use
Our simple, step-by-step questionnaire is easy to follow and accessible on mobile and web

We are HIPAA-compliant and use end-to-end encryption to protect your private medical information

Secure Data

The Future of CORO AI Passport

CORO AI Passport will use machine learning to go beyond just COVID-19 and screen for:

Other infectious diseases like influenza or gastral infections

Non-communicable diseases like Parkinson’s, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, and certain cancers

New viruses that could lead to a potential pandemic like the Swine Flu (H1N1) pandemic in 2009 or the Ebola virus epidemic in 2016



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Meet Our Team

The MB AI Health team is diverse and consists of talented professionals with varying professional experiences. Together, we work hard to ensure our products meet the highest standards.

MB AI Health was founded on the growing demand to implement return to work strategies following the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Based out of Irvine, California, a hub of cutting-edge medical innovations, MB AI Health is dedicated to providing community support as businesses reopen after the COVID-19 quarantine.

Our team consists of talented and diverse software engineers, medical device engineers, business developers and health care professionals dedicated to preserving the safety of our communities by integrating artificial intelligence technology. Our aspirations are high and new developments are being researched and implemented daily to better support for our communities.

Dr. Balwant Rai, M.D.

Co-founder & Chief Scientist

Matthew Kwok

Co-founder & Managing Director

Luke Daily

Project Manager & Head of Operations

Tony Decino

Software Developer

Muhammad Bilal

Software Developer

Parker Ross

Product Development Engineer